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Silvermedal Sportkleding Dame en Heer in zwarte en beige jogging

Feeling good about yourself - with appropriate clothing: that is what Silvermedal is all about!

Our adventure started in 2012... We were looking for multifunctional clothing that we could wear during sports as well as during our free time. We also wanted clothing of unquestionable quality, because we believe that timeless clothing items are more than a disposable product, and can therefore be worn for a long time.

The problem? We didn't find exactly what we were looking for. With more than 15 years of experience in the clothing industry, we were perhaps a bit demanding. Perhaps too demanding... Still, we decided to roll up our sleeves and create what we had in mind. Drawing after drawing followed. Prototype after prototype. We saw that - step by step - we were getting closer to what we had in mind. One piece became several pieces, and some pieces became "a collection". "Silvermedal" was born!


Huh? "Silver Medal"? Why "Silvermedal"? Because - in our view - it is more important to feel good about what you do and who you are than to be the first. "Stay true to yourself". 

We soon discovered that Silvermedal was popular. Numerous retailers wanted to include this beautiful brand in their range. And an increasingly wider audience found its way to Silvermedal. And we? We wanted everyone to enjoy this beauty: also people with plus size, people undergoing rehabilitation, and people with disabilities. And so it happened!

At Silvermedal we believe that the perfect body does not exist, but the perfect fit does! Also for your body and style! It is heart-warming to see how many people now recognize themselves in our values and philosophy: Silvermedal is not just about clothing; it's about nurturing self-love, self-confidence and self-esteem.

Feel welcome in our community. Step inside Silvermedal, where we believe your story starts with what you wear.

Peter and Annemie


Silvermedal Sportswear Gentleman in dark blue men's jogging with vest
Silvermedal Sportswear Gentleman in jogging with gray jogging vest and blue men's sweatpants
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