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Silvermedal Sportswear Men's Sportswear

The composition of our thin sweatpants and shorts for men

The sweatpantsand shorts are made from an ultra-light, durable, 100% cotton fabric.Cotton is a natural fiber, which makes it feel ultra soft and cannot irritate the skin.

Fit and execution

The thin sweatpants at the frontGentlemen:

  • are available in three colorand: black, dark blue and light gray.

  • are available with straight legs or with an elastic at the bottom.

  • have a elastic waistband with a drawstring for tightening. 

Target group and use

A thin onecotton sweatpants or -short is suitable for every figure, even for plus size men. The pants are also available in large sizes, from S to 3XL. You can wear these pants sporty or casual, both in the zomer as in winter. Because this product is so light and smooth, it isalso suitable to go to the physiotherapist or rehabilitation, or for a hospital stay. For the latter application, in addition to thin trousers, you can also choose our rehabilitation pants.

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